Personnel Policy

The goal

The goal of DINCO concrete is building a dedicated, enthusiastic and energetic staffs. To meet the increasing demand for professional and skilled work of the staff, the company always has the appropriate personnel policies, creating opportunities for all candidates. Hopefully, we will bring you great opportunities for professional development and implementation of their ambition.

1. Recruitment policy.

  • Principles of  DINCO  concrete ‘s recruitment is to select the most suitable candidates for each vacancy based on the skills, qualities, abilities and experience of the candidate.
  • DINCO concrete are employed under the actual staffing needs at each time, publicly recruit on the company website as well as the media.
  • Those candidates who have experience in the field of concrete and fluently used English skill  is an advantage when applying for DINCO concrete.

2. Salary policy.

  • Salary  policy of the company is built on the principle impetus for employees to improve productivity and product quality, while ensuring financial balance of the company. The salary of each employee includes the following: basic salary, position allowances (if any), quantity salary (for salaried parts by weight), allowances for lunch, night (if night work), specific allowances work, work allowances away (if the work goes away).
  • Regulation salary increase periodically: To ensure that the income of the company employees are not affected by the volatility of the market price, for 02 years the company will adjust the minimum increase of 10% of basic salary for all employees have signed labor contracts.

3. Bonus policy and welfare.

  • In addition to the salary received, monthly, quarterly, annually, the company has evaluated, classified employees in each department to review bonus.
  • The company also has seniority allowances regulations for the employees working in the company for full 5 years. Staff who working at the company for full time 5 years,   Board of  Directors will be given seniority allowance at ending year ceremony
  • The company made  payment for social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Law and of  sickness, maternity ... company comply with current regulations. In addition, the company also purchased workers' compensation insurance for all officers and employees of the company.
  • Every year, company held periodic health examination for employees 1 times.
  • To create relaxation after days of hard working, as well as create linkages between divisions within the company, each year, on the occasion Holidays, the company organized for employees and family members participating  picnic.