Concrete plays an important role in the construction industry by creating an unshakeable and sustainable structure with time. In the early 1920s, together with the country’s development, Da Nang city has changed dramatically in widening infrastructure and attracting many industrial, tourism and accommodation investment projects…This booming development leads to serious material shortage, especially high-quality concrete which serves for the modern construction industry.

Starting from a big construction company in the Central area and understanding our difficulties as well as other contractors’s matters, we decided to establish DINCO Concrete Enterprise in order to make self-produce high-quality ready-mixed concrete serving us. The ready-mixed concrete is automatically manufactured on modern production system synchronous installed with professional managers and creative active skilled engineers. DINCO Concrete manufactures perfect quality products which meet the demands of the domestic and foreign investors who are well-known for their prissiness

Realizing that construction schedule delay and work progress continuation due to the material shortage is substantial damages, in January 2010, having achieved the high consent of Board of Shareholders , DINCO Concrete Enterprise has converted into Pacific DINCO Corporation in order to promote financial and human resources as well as expand production scale and invest in modern technology to bring customers the highest satisfaction in our services and products after 3 years operation

Leisure and definite steps with continuous efforts, now Pacific Dinco has become the leading concrete supplier with a nationwide service network and the best choice of domestic and foreign building contractors and investors.

Company Information
Full Name : Pacific DINCO Corporation.
Charter capital : 
89,099,810,000 VNĐ (Eighty-nine billion, ninety nine million, eight hundred and ten thousand dongs)
Tax code : 0401333013
Head office: 
233 Dien Bien Phu street, Da Nang.
Phone No. : 02363 73 79 73
Fax No. : 02363 73 79 72
Website : 
Main business line
Produce ready-mixed concretes and precast concrete members.
Provide concrete transport and pump services.